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Becky Lake is a storyteller. Through documentaries, film photography, and immersive experiences. Becky captures the meaningful threads of life, memory, and nostalgia. Her recent documentary, Troubled Tributary, produced with other American University students, premiered on Maryland Public Television during the 2022 Chesapeake Bay Week.


Becky is the Volumetric Capture Specialist at the Institute for IDEAS and an adjunct Graphic and Media Design professor at Marymount University. She is pursuing more important stories to share through different artistic mediums. Becky holds a BA in Graphic Design with minors in History and Illustration. In Summer of 2024, she will earn her MFA in Film and Media Arts from American University

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"Telling a good story is like giving a mini-doc of what you have seen so that others can see it, too.~Annette Simmons

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